Monday, August 22, 2011

Triathlon Training Second Week

Time is getting short for what will be my first Sprint Triathlon in 3 weeks.  This past week marked the completion of my third full week of training for it.  I spent the beginning of the week recovering from a stomach bug.  In the little time I made for training I focused on building swim and run endurance.  I am hoping for better weeks ahead.  Activity for the week of 14 Aug 2011 is shown below:

Sunday:  sick
Monday:  8 mile long run (7:12 pace) 
Tuesday:  10 mile bike (1 hour)
Wednesday:  day of rest
Thursday:  45 min swim (750 yd + drills)
Friday:  9 mile long run (7:01 pace)
Saturday:  45 min swim (750 yd + drills)

Swim:  1.5 hours, 1500 yd + drills
Bike:  1 hour, 10 miles
Run:  2  hours, 17 miles      

I finally traded in board shorts for jammers and found them far better suited for the task at hand.  I read up on swimming and watched a lot of video this past week.  I have re-read some of the same materials a few times now, each pass more meaningful then the last.  Applying what I learned and focusing on streamlining got my stroke count per 25 yd down to 13-15, a noticeable improvement from last week.  This week I will focus on more controlled breathing while I build endurance.    

Bike volume was unfortunately low for a third week in a row.  I got one recovery ride in on my upright bike.  I was sick that day and this ride was the easiest I have taken it in recent memory.  My plans to cycle were called off for lengthy Baseball game that proved to be a good time.  After 3 weeks of low cycling volume I suspect this upcoming week may be the week I compensate for the recent past. 

My dog has been performing poorly as of late so I gave him a bath, brush, clipped nails, and cleaned ears in hopes it would make him faster.  I had mixed results but think it takes him longer to recover at his ripe old age of 5 years than when he was younger and less stubborn.  Run mileage was the highest it has been since I hurt my foot.  My plans to get in an interval, tempo, and distance run were changed because I was sick.  Monday’s run made me sick longer then I had to be.  I have lost some run fitness since my injury as my long run pace is close to 15 seconds off from where it was but the future looks promising.  This week I should be able to get in all three runs.                      


  1. Great week of training, especially for recovering from being sick!

  2. You hold some very steady and strong paces on your runs and it seems like you had a great week of training. I have never ventured into the tri world, but I have a great respect for sport and admire your training. Excited to see where you will be in 3 weeks.