Monday, August 15, 2011

Triathlon Training First Week

This past week was my second full week of training for what will be my first Sprint Triathlon in 4 weeks.  The week started off well but soured with a touch of over training and food borne illness over the weekend.  I placed an emphasis on developing swim endurance.  With two weeks done I have more confidence in my swim and an understanding of where my training needs to go.  Activity for the week of 7 Aug 2011 is shown below:

Sunday:  3 mile run (8:24, 7:50, 5:43)
Monday:  45 min swim 
Tuesday:  16 mile bike (51:11)
Wednesday:  45 min swim, 7 mile run – 10x 400m (1:18 average) intervals w/1:30 rest
Thursday:  Rest
Friday:  45 min swim
Saturday:  Sick


Swim:  2 hours
Bike:  1 hour, 16 miles
Run:  1 ½  hours, 10 miles      


My swim sessions consisted of less drilling and more full stroke with a focus on building endurance and exploring different breathing patterns.  To build endurance I have embraced swimming at a natural pace and incorporating a decreasing rest interval to catch my breath.    I also established some key benchmarks such as strokes per pool length (19-21) and a 100 yd time of 2:06.  At the beginning of my swim journey, about two weeks ago I had trouble completing a 25 yd distance.  I hope I can build to the full 500 yd in the next 4 weeks.  Going forward I will be keeping track of distance and time.


Bike volume was unfortunately low for a second week in a row.  I got one ride in on my road bike.  Oddly, the most time I did spend with any bike was with my upright when I did some routine maintenance.  After a year and a half of use this bike sounded terrible and needed to be cleaned/degreased/lubed.  Now that my commuter bike rides like new again I should be taking it to work more often.

My 2010 Trek 7300 Commuter Bike on a makeshift trailer hitch wall mount maintenance stand.


Run volume was also low, as I missed my key distance workout due to being sick.  The only key workout I did get in was my intervals.  400m repeat day is my favorite followed by 800m and the 1600m repeat day.  I love the sensation of going fast.  I may have taken this workout too fast as I felt over trained afterward – racing heart, low fever.  If I am to accomplish my running goals this year I will need to get my interval, tempo, and distance workouts in every week and properly balance rest and intensity.

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