Monday, August 1, 2011

Rabid Animal Attack

Yesterday I was minding my own business when I went outside to toss the garbage.  I was greeted on my porch by a small raccoon who had no respect for the food chain and no understanding of his place on it.

The rabid animal in question on the neighbors roof.
This raccoon hissed at me.  Luckily my vicious hound was close behind to teach him a lesson in manners.  This raccoon wanted nothing of Lefty and turned to run.  The raccoon almost made it out of the fence before being caught by the tail.  I wish he had made it out of the fence, I have no desire to break up raccoon / dog fights.

How this particular Labrador Bloodhound spends most of his time when he is not running or swimming
After dominating the raccoon but leaving it uninjured Lefty had no particular clue what to do next.  Lefty still must have his innocence and not developed a taste for blood.  In unusual fashion Lefty actually listened to commands and went inside, he may have had a hairball as he was coughing.  The raccoon didn't leave and decided to hiss and advance on me.  I returned the favor and hissed and stomped which was a language the raccoon apparently understood.

The raccoon proceeded to cower and hide in some Hostas for quite a while before stranding himself on my neighbors roof where it has been hissing the last couple days.  The strange behavior leads me to believe this raccoon may have rabies.  I live in an urban area and don't expect raccoons to be around.  This was the first time I have seen one.  Lefty is current on his rabies vaccine and now I see it is with good reason.  Years back there was also a story about a jogger bit by a rabid fox, hopefully I can count on Lefty to continue to be my first line of defense. 

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