This is about my mission to get stronger / faster with the ultimate goal of realizing my genetic potential.  The primary objective is to dominate running from the 5k to the 50k, on the road or trail, and in the summer or winter.  2011 marked the beginning of this mission and there is much ground left to cover. 

The great outdoors and endurance sports rock too hard to not also get in plenty of biking on all terrains, swimming, and the occasional triathlon.  Going fast takes being strong, and being strong just plain feels good.  Life loves the strong and for me that means spending a good deal of time practicing Jiu Jitsu and throwing big weights around.

After an intense effort comes time to take in some food and rest up to do it all over again, real food, meat and vegetables.  Food so revitalizing you will be back at it quick fast, and so good you will resent your mom’s cooking.  Eating real food and getting plenty of sleep is important to everyone regardless of activity level. 

This is about working smarter, realizing big gains on minimal investment, doing everything with a purpose.  Efficiency in movement will get everything out of a performance and stay injury free.  Continual improvement and staying sane will mean constantly adapting, doing what works, leaving behind what doesn’t and learning from mistakes.

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