Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Secondary Goals and Fundamentals

Whenever I select events and set competitive goals a host of secondary goals come along for the ride.  These secondary goals aide in achieving an event goal but can be uninspiring based on their own merit.  Good fundamentals, which aide achievement, and secondary goals can blur leaving no clear distinction.

Secondary goals for 2011:

Cut body fat % to < 10% from 12%
Develop a competitive swim
Bike a century

Secondary goals, good fundamentals, or both for 2011:

Eat healthy
Sleep 8+ hours a day

At different points in my life cutting body fat % and developing a competitive swim were primary goals of mine.  I made progress but ultimately failed in achieving these goals.  The pursuit of these goals was uninspiring without a competitive event and the planning that accompanies it.

Eating healthy and getting adequate sleep are always goals of mine but just seem easier to accomplish when training for competition.  Seems like when sleep and proper nutrition are compromised for too long other pieces like training volume and intensity are also compromised.  It is a virtuous cycle and a thing of beauty to have all the pieces together simultaneously.

These next six weeks before my first triathlon will be great.  I feel focused and ready for a lot of growth after a recent period of rest and consolidation.  These things are of course cyclical but I find myself on the positive side these days

Have you experienced the virtuous cycle where focus, sleep, nutrition, and training all came together to produce phenomenal results?  Have you seen it unravel one piece at a time?

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