Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Zero Week: North Face Endurance Challenge

I am as ready as I will ever be for this Saturday’s 50k.  This past training cycle went off the rails and I would like more run fitness than I have but such is life.  Mileage was low on account of losing a week to food borne illness and another to nursing some knee and calf tenderness.  All was not lost though, I can handle distance better than 10 weeks ago and have been adding intensity.  This base building period went in fits and starts but the future is promising.

Changing a flat tire on the climb to the 401

This week is naturally taper, prior to zero week was where the action took place.  My woman and I got in some high altitude training in a vacation to Crested Butte Colorado.  The whole trip was epic and involved plenty of mountain biking with a side of running.  There were cross country rides on the 401, Monarch Crest, Upper and Lower loops of Crested Butte, and downhill mountain biking at the Evolution mountain bike park.  

Single track on the 401

On the running scene there were lot of trail runs featuring plenty of climbing and one last recon run of the race course.  I dialed in nutrition and race day strategy.  I will be taking this 50k easy with no other goal than even pacing and a finish.  Luckily the race loops on itself in case I need to pull the plug in the case of unnatural knee or Achilles pain.  Everything is in place for a great weekend and now comes execution.

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