Friday, September 2, 2011

Tomato Harvest

The past month my garden has been providing a steady flow of fresh peppers, tomatoes, herbs, and raspberries.  It has been nice to have fresh garden ingredients in breakfast burritos, scrambled eggs, margherita pizzas, mojitos, tacos and tortilla soup.  

Today the tomato supply reached critical mass with more on the way.  I have more tomatoes than the grocery store and need to do something with them.    I'm thinking gazpacho, tomato soup, tomato sauce, bourbon barbecue sauce, roast corn salsa, bloody marys, and simply canning some whole.  The pressure cooker is new for this year, it will be my first time canning.  I will share all the creations here.

What is your favorite dish involving tomatoes?  I know some people hate them, but why?  What would you do with these tomatoes?  Thanks for reading.

An assortment of Roma, Better Boy, Big Boy, and Cherry tomatoes.  The Romas  are the most prevalent.  A pressure cooker for canning is seen on the left.  


  1. My family usually makes a year's worth of tomato sauce at this time of the year! I love eating them in sandwiches or even just plain sprinkled with a little sea salt! Can't wait to hear what you do with them. That is A LOT of tomatoes!

  2. For me the best way to enjoy freshly harvested tomatoes is a caprese salad. You seem to have a lot of options here either with slices of your big boys or as a compound salad with the cherries. When I was younger my father grew tomatoes and when they were at their peak I turned them in to a wide variety of sauces which I then froze.

    Can't wait to see how you showcase these little beauties!