Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Strawberry Apple Beet Lime Juice

Fresh juice makes a great hydrating nutrient rich breakfast compliment.  It also makes a great mixer, just add vodka, or tequila and maybe a dash of cointreau, or chambord.  I don’t use the juicer enough but it is always worth the effort.    

There was a lot of fresh fruit in the kitchen following a New Years Eve party and I wanted to start paleo January out right.  I didn’t think this up, the Green Kitchen at the Milwaukee Market sells this as the Red Rooster.  The beauty is in its simplicity and the flavor is robust and delicious.         

Red Rooster with mint garnish
Combine in a juicer:

2 small-medium roasted Beets
1 small lime
4 Strawberries
3 apples

Since I added beets to my diet a month or two ago I have been extolling their virtues.  Turns out plenty of people are aware of beets and don’t like them.  At our New Years Eve party I learned they smell earthen, like an old moldy basement.  Later it degenerated to dirty gym socks.  I even had beets on hand to dissuade critics but only reinforced their views.  Beets are not for everyone.   

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  1. Ooo I'll have to try this one :) I like to steam my beets, just remember to use too much water because burned beets leave quite the lingering smell. Any chance I could get some of your mint seeds?