Thursday, July 14, 2011

Triathlon Aspirations

I would like to compete in my first triathlon next year. I have dedicated this year to competitive running and building a base for cycling and swimming. Running has been an on again off again lifelong pursuit for me. I picked up recreational cycling a year ago and just got into road biking for performance this spring. I began swimming laps this winter and am still developing my form.

Thus far the swim has been the most challenging. Cycling came fairly easy and it has just been a matter of getting miles in. For a long time I confused my ability to survive in the water with an actual ability to swim. I spent 3 months thrashing around in the water with little improvement before going back to start. I am now focusing on proper form and muscle memory by drilling. I hope to be doing actual laps and building up distance within the next couple months.

My first triathlon will be a sprint. I am a believer in starting small and building up. I would ultimately like to to an Olympic distance or ½ ironman. Too much too soon is a recipe for failure and injury. Come December I will be creating a new outline for the year and plan to dedicate more time to working out such that I can realize these goals. Last year I transitioned from 60+ hour work weeks and a vending machine diet to between 2-3 hours a week of working out and eating healthy. This year I have been averaging 6 hours a week.

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