Wednesday, August 15, 2012

5 Weeks Out: Recon

The past two weeks were packed full of hard hitting training, sleep, and meats and vegetables, all part of the mission to get back into 50k shape for the now 5 weeks out North Face Endurance Challenge. Things are looking promising after running 72 miles with a healthy mix of hills, tempo, long runs, and course reconnaissance in all variety of summer weather. I also threw in some biking and kayaking because variety is the spice of life as the saying goes.

My woman running the Scuppernong Trails

After losing a week of training the idea was to fit three weeks into the past two weeks. I pushed my limits, and am happy with the increase in fitness that has occurred. The key runs were three long runs with the first taking place in soupy humidity the second in extreme heat, and the third and best having decent weather for race course recon.

Monday: Long Run 16 mi, 2:10:18
Tuesday: Recovery Run 5.3 mi, 44:34
Wednesday: Kayak 3.4 mi, 53:46
Friday: Bike, 6mi, 1:00:00
Saturday: Long Run 13 mi, 2:14:59
Sunday: Recovery Run, 7 mi, 58:38

Tuesday: Hill Run, 7mi, 58:38
Thursday: Tempo Run, 8.4 mi, 1:04:50
Saturday: Long Run, 16.3 mi, 2:28:00
Sunday: Bike, 51 mi, 3:00:01

Good training with the highlight being a Saturday trip out to the Scuppernong and Ice Age Trails. These portions of the race course are fast. The Scuppernong trails are wide groomed ski trails with some elevation variation but nothing horrible. The single track of the Ice Age went fast too with some added technicality and steeper climbs.  Come this weekend I hope to hit up the entirty of the Ice Age section. 
More Scuppernong



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