Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January and 50k training

January was a hard hitting month of tearing up muscle and growing veins with 50k training reining supreme, followed by Jiu Jitsu/strength training and topped off with swimming.  Equally important, it was fast paced in the kitchen with plenty of meat, vegetables, and fruits getting turned into delicious recovery food you wish your mom could make.  When the days were done I slept like a baby for 8-9 hours.  That is how the mission to get stronger/faster gets done.
37 hours from 1 Jan 2012 – 29 Jan 2012.  Periodization in practice with the first 3 weeks to wear me down and the fourth to build back up.

50k training
Milwaukee Art Museum pictured during a long run.
This weekend, 4 Feb 2012, is the John Dick memorial 50k primitive winter trail run.  Naturally I have gotten in all the winter trail running on packed snow I can since December.  Each week featured 3 runs with a long run Saturday, a recovery run Sunday, and a tempo or interval like session on Wednesday nights immediately followed by throwing big weights around with my legs.  Every workout served a distinct purpose because I am all about getting the maximum return on the least investment.  I started doing daily mile at the turn of the calendar year where all the boring details are kept.              

Lake Michigan freezing pictured during a long run.

Racquetball is so much like running that it does not qualify as cross training.  In fact I ran very fast 5k and 10k races on a regimen of racquetball and strength training in a different life.  I play these days whenever a friend calls me up because I am social and care like that.  Racquetball employs a full range of motion and will ruggedize your legs better than running can without a runaway heart rate.  I am sure the same holds true for things like basketball, soccer, etc…

Milwaukee River in Estabrook park pictured during a long run
Jiu Jitsu & Strength Training
Since my glorious return to fighting and throwing big weights around I have felt great.  My metabolism and testosterone has increased and is readily noticeable.  I have more energy and sleep better.  My endurance summer was cool but resulted in muscle wasting and too much estrogen.  I haven’t made time for Muay Thai this year but would like to fold it in.  I don’t think I will be quitting in the spring as planned, the benefits are too great.
Chicken and Shrimp spicy soup

I have seen some ridiculous gains concerning my swim this month, the kind of gains that make me confident to sign up for the XTERRA and ½ Ironman races this summer.  I have been able to swim farther and faster than ever.  I attribute this to finally getting the breathing piece figured out and to all the strength training.  I swim a mile regularly and have cut from 41:44/mi to 34:23/mi.    

Venison Sweet Potato Stew made with venison stock
I got on the trainer for 10 minutes early in the month and decided this was not for me.  It was the most boring 10 minutes of the entire year and ranks worse than a treadmill.  I will hit the streets again in March and live vicariously through this hardcore cyclist until then.

This month made possible by meat and vegetables.


  1. Sounds like you had an intense month! Can't wait to read about your 50k this weekend - good luck!

  2. Try the trainer with a Sufferfest or Spinervals video. Whole new game, I promise.