Monday, May 23, 2011

First Post

Adopting an active healthy lifestyle is like flipping a switch to feel more alert, energetic, and confident.  I’ve said goodbye to many lingering ailments; headaches, indigestion, sore back, etc...  Truth is those are just the entry level benefits.  The real payoff is simply in the pursuit.
Every individual reaches a different conclusion concerning the tradeoffs of an active healthy lifestyle and acts accordingly.  The full spectrum of thoughts and ideas meeting practice is astounding.  Of particular interest in any spectrum are the extremes – thus our fascination with elite athletes and television’s Biggest Loser.
In this spectrum, a group everyone has belonged to at some time or another, are those that are new to an activity and uninformed.  This group is targeted by an entire industry of quick fixes, misinformation and bad advice.  Within every group are also haters which, while in the minority, provide the most entertainment value when engaged in any discourse.

Odds are most everyone has been in one or more of these groups at different times in their life.  It takes persistence, success, and most importantly learning from failures to progress forward.  Time is precious and learning to invest it most efficiently and compound on previous investments is a continuous process.  When armed with the correct knowledge a motivated individual can see constant improvement and achieve amazing results.

Everyone determines their own path and what works for one individual may not work for another.  What once worked may not continue to work for the same person.  In the spirit of live and let live it is important to embrace differences and make an effort to understand seemingly foreign concepts without outright dismissal.  In this way discourse can be elevated and deeper understanding reached.

Maintaining an active healthy lifestyle requires some key ingredients (read variety, challenge, goals, planning) and is greatly aided by possessing a working knowledge of many things.  Anyone with a thirst for knowledge can be their own coach, physical therapist, nutritionist, etc…  The best place to become more knowledgeable is not in a classroom but by application and discussion with those engaged in a similar pursuit of knowledge and application.

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